Banking Meets Farming: Trent Loos & Doyle Turner Discuss the Impact of Banking Policies on Agricultural Practice & Food Production

In this enlightening episode of “Trent on the Loos,” our esteemed host, Trent Loos, welcomes a special guest, the retired banker and seasoned farmer, Doyle Turner. With a wealth of experience under his belt, Turner brings an invaluable perspective from the crossroads of agriculture and banking. Together, they delve into the intricate workings of how banking policies and practices can directly and indirectly influence the agricultural sector and our food production. The duo address a range of topics from monetary policies, lending principles, to the regulatory landscape, all through the lens of traditional conservatism, reinforcing the values of free-market principles, limited government intervention, and personal responsibility. Tune in to gain a unique understanding of the often overlooked connection between our financial institutions and our fields, and the role it plays in putting food on our tables.