Hazardous CO2 Pipeline Condemnation

Whereas, the Summit and Navigator Hazardous CO2 Pipelines (“Pipelines”), private companies, are violating the United States and South Dakota Constitutions  in regards to the seizure of South Dakotan Landowners’ property for “public use” and “Eminent Domain” (US Const. 5th AmendmentSD Const. Article VI § 1, 2, and 13 [Click on hyperlinks for sources])

Whereas, the Hazardous CO2 Pipelines pose substantial risk to the health and safety of the People and of the Environment

Whereas, the people of South Dakota have NOT been accurately represented in the South Dakota Legislature, the Senate Commerce and Energy Committee having killed HB 1133, which would have protected landowners from the Hazardous CO2 Pipelines and “Eminent Domain”

Whereas, Governor Kristi L. Noem has not intervened in the protection of her constituents, despite claiming the wise counsel she received from her father: “Don’t sell the land, Kristi! God’s not making any more of it.”

Whereas, the Summit Hazardous CO2 Pipeline, through the law firm May, Adam, Gerdes, & Thompson LLP, has harassed landowners with a legal notice to “petition the court and begin condemnation proceedings…”, adding: “We hope to hear from you within ten (10) days from the date of this letter.”

Therefore, We, the undersigned, people of South Dakota and surrounding states, as well as all fellow Americans who believe this cause is just, do petition the South Dakota Governor and Legislature, to Publicly advocate, by any and all means, for the discontinuation and condemnation of the Hazardous CO2 Pipelines, for the sake of their constituents and their constituents’ posterity.

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