The Attack on Farmers and Ranchers that No One is Talking About

In September of 2022 the United States Department of Agriculture, without congressional approval or oversight, announced they were spending $3.1 Billion dollars to implement Partnerships for Climate Smart Commodities Projects. This money has since been handed over to some the country’s largest agriculture corporations, associations, and universities. Some of the notable payments are: $90 million to ADM, $95 million to Iowa Soybean Association, $60 million to the Nature Conservancy, 27 different universities with payments ranging from $4 million to $80 million. These are 123 total listed as, “lead partners” but if you read the description of the programs you will find, “other major partners” which include every major company in the food business, from Cargill to Costco. The most disgusting payment of all was $40 million dollars to the largest ag media corporation Farm Journal. Why would the government pay a media company $40 million to implement an environmental program? Control the messenger, control the message, aka state run media.