The Pending Theft of Farms In South Dakota Episode 871

The Pending Theft of Farms In South Dakota has at its core the same contempt present in the FBI making the official announcement that they are accountable to no law.

It takes a long while for a culture of contempt to seize a large agency or agencies. Contempt for us has overtaken the bosses of the FBI. Chris Wray’s open refusal to provide congress–meaning, us–the documents we paid him to analyze cannot be defended on grounds other than contempt for us and the rule of law. I think Wray is like other bosses of federal agencies, he knows he should feel powerful, but instead he feels weak. Like tyrants always do, they attempt to conquer their fear the way the conquer people, with lies and force. The DHS paid a grant that included the work of an admitted “violent Antifa” activist to create a document that pretends FOX News is a NAZI feeder. The DOJ is trying to steal the legal relief funds of January 6 defendants, the same sort of funds Kammi Harris raised for violent, Antifa terrorists. None of it is working.

But, it’s in South Dakota where The Party is about to step on a line they cannot be allowed to cross. The Party is displaying its contempt for private property, the food supply of America, law, decency, morality and God. With no real objection from Governor Kristi Noem or shiny shoe Republicans, The Party is trying lett a mobbed-up land-theft cartel masquerading as a company use Eminent Domain to steal family farms. What makes it worse–if it can be worse–is the excuse these mobsters have sold to get the Grand Old Pimps to help them: they intend to build pipelines to store carbon-dioxide underground.