Vivek’s big event on CO2 pipelines could shake up race ahead of Iowa Caucus –

2024 Presidential candidate and political outsider Vivek Ramaswamy issued the following statement ahead of his December 1, 2023 “Speaking the Unspeakable” CO2 Pipelines Event.

“The GOP establishment does NOT approve of this message & it’s pathetic I’m the only candidate with the stones to say it:

The climate change agenda is a hoax & it’s hurting farmers in Iowa. Here’s how: the U.S. government enacted crony subsidies to reward those who build CO2 pipelines across the Midwest to bury CO2 in the ground in North Dakota (which is senseless for many reasons, including the fact that crops require CO2).

Here’s the bigger problem: most farmers don’t want the CO2 pipeline on their land. There are real hazards & many farmers don’t want to sell their land either. But the GOP Establishment in Iowa has enacted eminent domain to *seize* these farmers’ land which is a gross violation of their property rights.

Every political consultant tells you to stay away from the CO2 pipeline issue, because it makes the likes of Governor Kim Reynolds look horrible for supporting it. Well, I refuse to be controlled. We’ll go deep on this on Friday at 12pm in Des Moines, with the Free Soil Coalition.

PREDICTION: soon you will see the other presidential candidates who have tiptoed around this issue reluctantly adopt my stance, including even the one whom Governor Reynolds endorsed. You can bookmark that prediction and take it to the bank.”