Congressman Steve King: Combatting Iowa CO2 Pipelines

Former congressman Steve King of Iowa has been on the front lines battling for private-property owners who face an eminent-domain land grab by private companies hoping to capitalize on government subsidies in exchange for installing wasteful carbon-capture pipelines throughout the Corn Belt.

Recently, his state’s three-member Utility Board (IUB), which is weighing whether or not to approve pipeline permits, withdrew its permission for him to testify in the case. King calls it unprecedented and says he will sue.

He also points to the consensus among property owners that the IUB is planning to issue permits for the pipelines despite recent rejections by neighboring states’ public boards. They are likely to do this despite opposition to the pipeline by some three-quarters of Iowans.

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The “Boondoggle” article he references in the interview is here, and the spreadsheet with supporting documentation is here.