Presidential Candidates against CO2 Pipelines

(Hazard, NE) “With the 3rd Presidential candidate coming forward this week about the dangers of the CO2 pipelines, I think it is time that all counties in the nation ask the questions that have not been previously asked. The risk to communities along the path, the unconstitutional use of eminent domain and the plan to bury plant food will diminish life on earth,” said Trent Loos, Executive Director of the Free Soil Coalition.

This came in response to a recent announcement by Ramaswamy, joining Binkley and Kennedy, as candidates campaigning for the President of the United States that have taken a stand against CO2 pipelines.

The Free-Soil Coalition will be partnering with concerned landowners in north central NE at a property rights forum at VFW Hall in Neligh, NE on Monday Dec. 4, 2023 from 7:00-9:00 pm. Loos will be joined in Neligh by Antelope Co. Patriots Sheryl Baker, SD State Rep Karla Lems, Former Congressman Steve King from Iowa and Franklin County, IA Planning/Zoning Commissioner Larry Sailer among other speakers with firsthand experience in county government.

IA Congressman Steve King has written extensively about the unconstitutional takings and how we, the taxpayers, cannot afford this project. A portion of his recent blog post at explains:

The 45Q credit pays $85 per metric ton of CO2 sequestered. The three projects published on their web page site their CO2 sequestration projections. Their projections total 39.6 million tons x $85/ton = $3.366 billion dollars a year. The total annual projected reckoning for the American taxpayer for these three projects is $17.622 billion per year! 

Primary concerns will not only be eminent domain and the unconstitutional taking of land but what the potential is for enemies of the United States acquiring land easements along the route from those that willing signed up to use their land for the CO2 pipeline route

Please plan to join us in Antelope County on Dec 4, 2023 to discuss the real issues in property rights that currently not enough people are willing to address.