WIND ORDINANCE passes in Yankton County Planning & Zoning Mtg

THANK YOU Yankton County residents for the GREAT turnout at the Planning and Zoning Meeting last night. The main room was packed and 20+ more were in the hallway. It is clear you are concerned about large wind complexes in our county. Thank you also to residents of other counties who are concerned about what is happening in Yankton County regarding “PROPERTY RIGHTS & LOCAL CONTROL”

The ordinance passed with few changes keeping intact two main components. It will include a 2 mile setback from non-participating residents and a decommissioning plan requiring the wind company to remove everything they put in and restoring the land to pre-construction status. The first of two readings before the Yankton County Commission will be Tuesday, August 6th at 6:00pm.

Share this link with others who have an interest in what is happening in Yankton County and across the state with “PROPERTY RIGHTS & LOCAL CONTROL”. We will see you on Tuesday, Aug. 6th.