Yankton County Planning & Zoning Meeting Tues. July 9, 2024

On Monday, June 24, 28,000 signatures were filed with the SD Secretary of State in the process of getting SB201 on the ballot in November as a Referred Law.  This historic achievement gives “We the People” an opportunity to vote and show Pierre that our land is NOT for sale and decision-making stays local.
Jim Eschenbaum, Chair & Rep Tina Mulally, Treasurer, SD Property Rights & Local Control Alliance, filing the petitions in Pierre at the SOS office.


In Yankton County, SD the first meeting to protect personal property rights is Tuesday, July 9th at 7:00pm at the Government Center in Yankton. The Planning and Zoning Board is meeting to vote on an updated wind ordinance which contains new rules and guidelines for energy companies who are looking to build large wind complexes locally. This proposed ordinance reflects a fair balance between all entities and their interests, especially much needed protection for private landowners who will live among the turbines.

Your attendance and voice are needed to make sure this updated ordinance stands “as is” and is not “watered down” to favor the deep pockets of private companies. A majority vote of the Planning and Zoning Board on July 9th will pass the ordinance to the County Commission for their consideration and approval in August.

If you have any questions call Cindy at 605-660-5153 or email YanktonCountyNotForSale@gmail.com.

The proposed wind ordinance link is included below.     

Wind Ordinance Begins on pg. 48
Large Wind Energy Systems Begins on pg. 50
Thank you, 
Cindy Konopasek
SB 201 Yankton County Captain