Vivek Ramaswamy: Speaking the Unspeakable about CO₂ Pipelines and the Climate Change Agenda

He is fighting for you he is fighting for the American people please welcome Vivek
Ramaswami.  Thank you guys it’s good to be here I I feel like I’ve been thanked
a little too much today I am very grateful that the Free Soil project reached out and I just want to say this at the outset.  I’m grateful that people like you exist in this country not just this state. I’m not here I’m not from Iowa I we have an apartment in Des Moines now it feels like I’m in Iowa from Iowa but I’m here because this issue affects the entire country. I’m grateful for the people of the Free Soil project not just the ones in Iowa but the ones I’ve met in South Dakota and elsewhere across the
Midwest you’re not here today to endorse me I really mean this I’m here to endorse you that’s why I’m here today and I want to tell you a little bit about the journey that brought me to this issue.